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Spine Ease

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A potent natural herbal formula that eases back pain, improves waist flexibility, increases blood circulation and balances Yin and Yang in the body.

Manufactured in the USA, YAU TONE LING is a 100% natural sugar-free powdered supplement made from a concentrated ancient Chinese herbal formula. This product has been proven highly effective in increasing blood circulation, strengthening human liver and kidney functions, easing lower back pain and improving body's immune system. It is a powerful pain killer for acute or chronic lower back pains caused by muscle injuries or vertebrate misalignment.

According to ancient Chinese medical philosophy, there are many causes of back pains. The common ones are due to weakening or aging of one's liver and kidney. The liver strength determines whether one has powerful muscles. The kidney, on the other hand, functions to support one's skeleton. If both organs fail to function normally, it will result in weakened muscles and bones in the lower back. Because a weakened waist can't support or balance the whole body, one is more vulnerable to injuries when performing daily activities. Once injured, misaligned or swollen, muscles will put pressure on the nerves around them and cause pain.

YAU TONE LING is very effective in stimulating the body's blood circulation and thus quickly restores normal power to aging or failing liver and kidneys. Once those two organs are functioning properly, lower back pain will be rapidly eased because the fundamental causes of pain are eliminated.

YAU TONE LING has also been proven to be extremely potent for treating acute back bruises without side effects. For those who have chronic symptoms of back pain, tinnitus, giddiness, enuresis, cold hands/feet and amnesia, taking YAU TONE LING will significantly reduce those pains and improve waist flexibility. This formula is also suitable for women who have osteoporosis, or who have lower-back pain due to epidural anesthesia given during child birth.

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