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Kampo Cellulite Tea with Cinnamon

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Refined from 100% natural traditional Chinese herbs, Kampo Cellulite Tea with Cinnamon promotes weight loss and helps lower excess body fat as well as fat accumulated in the liver and plasma as well as provide anti-oxidants. It is particularly helpful to those who have high triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. Kampo Cellulite Tea does NOT cause abdominal pain nor stimulate bowel movement. Free of Caffeine and chemical preservatives, it is safe for daily enjoyment.

Ingredients: lotus leaf, hawthorn, licorice, raw barley, luo han guo (Siraitia grosuenorii)

Usage: 2-4 packages per day. Leave teabags in cup and repeatedly steep with hot water and drink until tasteless.

Warning: People with chronic disease, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and currently on other drugs should not use this product.

Quantity: 20 Tea Bags. Net WT. 120g (6g/bag)

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