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Acne Solution


Acne Solution's natural Chinese herb compounds reduce inflammation and clear toxins to gently expel acne and leave skin fresh and natural. It removes toxins, eliminates the source of acne, and invigorates blood to remove stagnation and reduce scarring.  It prevents acne for oily skin types, and can greatly improve eczema and other allergic skin problems. Acne Solution also quickly heals damaged skin and reduces itchiness.

Main Ingredients:

Ginseng, Radix: Anti-oxidant. Improves metabolism and body immunity. Regulates aging-related physiological and chemical changes, providing a strong anti-aging effect.

Houttuyniae Cordatae, Herba cum Radice: Antibiotic and anti-viral. Strengthens immune function.

Coptidis, Rhizoma: Antimicrobial and broad spectrum antifungal.

Angelicae Dahuricae, Radix: Improves the function of skin immune cells and derma tissue. Enhances blood circulation.  Removes various discolorations and spots.



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